Redstone Learning Sees 6x Growth Potential From Indian Skill Training Market

As India is on a skill development mission with initiatives such as prime minister Narendra Modi’s Skill India Programme, Redstone Learning is expecting to grow its revenue from India to as much as 30 per cent in the next 2 years from just 5 per cent as of today. Currently, the US is their largest market contributing about 80 per cent to their topline.

Founded by IIT-Kanpur graduate Subrata Ghosh, Redstone Learning is a startup providing on-demand expertise to businesses and individuals offering over 100 courses through 250 experts. Ghosh, founder and CEO of the company, said that while the potential in the Indian market is huge, Indian companies will have to increase their training and development budget and need to perceive learning as an investment as opposed to cost.

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There is a difference between giving directions and giving direction.

Subrata Ghosh did his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Being a passionate programmer, he achieved a major milestone by doing the Sun certified Java architect certification. He continued to focus on being an entrepreneur and chase his entrepreneurial dream. It was during his business exploration phase, that he stepped on a groundbreaking idea, which eventually led him to conceptualize Redstone Learning, which is a leading global ed-tech company of Indian origin, with offices in New York and the Middle East providing both, online and on-demand learning.

We are living in an age of tumultuous change. Digitization, AI and globalization are disrupting the status quo at an unprecedented pace in every industry. If one looks at what is happening with Transportation (on-demand, electric, driver-less), Commerce (online, on-demand, personalized), Healthcare (AI assisted diagnosis), etc – the future is very uncertain, and yet full of opportunities for those who can adapt.

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Employee upskilling catching on in India

For decades, employee upskilling mostly meant organising periodic trainings and providing certifications. This is changing now, thanks to new business scenarios and cut-throat competition. Employers today need a future-fit workforce.

TimesJobs.com spoke to Subrata Ghosh, founder and CEO, Redstone Learning, a global professional learning company, to understand what is happening on ground in relation to employee upskilling and the practices emerging hence forth.

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Why Corporate Training in India Is A $100 Bln Domestic Market in the Making

Subrata, who is the founder and CEO of Redstone Learning, talks about the opportunity that exists in the corporate training and learning space in India.

“In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future” - American author and philosopher Eric Hoffer once said. This timeless adage holds true for both organizations and employees across the globe.

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Education and Skill Development Should Go Hand In Hand, Says Entrepreneurs On 2nd World Youth Skills Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 th July 2015 launched his pet project Skill India Campaign in New Delhi on the occasion of the first ever World Youth Skills Day which included the launch of the National Skill Development Mission and unveiling of the new National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015.

According to his speech “ India's youth is not happy simply asking for things. He or she wants to live with pride and dignity. I believe Indian youth has immense talent, they just want opportunities”.

He further added "This mission is not limited to skill, we have linked entrepreneurship to it,".

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Redstone Learning : An Ed-Tech Providing Online & On-Demand Learning solutions for Organizations and Individuals

Redstone Learning Inc is a global Ed-tech company that is headquartered in New York with an offshore center in Bangalore,which started its operations in January 2014 by Subrata Ghosh.

It provides Online and On-demand Learning & Expertise solutions for Organizations and Individuals - focused on business functions like Regulatory Compliance, Strategy and Operations, HR, Project and IT/Quality Management.

It runs 2 well-known online B2C learning brands globally:

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